concept – Joseph Mallord William Turner

After Caspar David Friedrich, I became busy with another representative of Romanticism, the English painter Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775/1851). He was a travelling painter, traveling between England and Italy several times, from 1802 and 1844. I traced his trip from London to Venice, I followed his path and visited the locations that he had chosen for his studies. At these locations I took photographs. When I am at one of his former locations, I find myself feeling like I am Turner. It is akin to time travel. When I was repeating his trips, I used our modern day technology, for example a car with a navigation system, Google maps or an aeroplane. The journey was not the same as it had been in Turner’s time, but the feeling of a determined place remained unchanged. After returning to my studio, I pieced together the photographs of the current day landscapes. I did this in a way that the aesthetics and the sentiment of Turner’s watercolours and oil paintings could reappear through modern resources.