concept – Park

In this early work, Hiroyuki Masuyama pursued his investigation into extended temporality and the movement of time contained in a single image. At the same time everyday for one year (01.04.1999-31.03.2000), Masuyama took a photograph of this park. The camera was stationed on a tripod and moved just a 1-degree angle each day. From the resulting 360 photographs, he created this single panorama image, showing the changes in the seasons, breaks in the weather, and presenting a visual memory of a place across time.

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concept – Park

Roverella 24h

APRIL 25.04.2004

APRIL 25.04.2004 / 2004 – Light box / 47x140X13cm

MAY 28.05.2004

MAY 28.05.2004 / 2004 – Light box / 47x140X13cm

NOVEMBER 06.11.2005

PARK 13.04.2001

KIRMES 22.07.2001

01.01.2001 – 31.12.2001 No.5

PARK 01.04.1999 -31.03.2000

PARK No.2 10.08.2000