concept – Flight

I often fly between Germany and Japan. Up there in the sky, I am 10.000-12.000 m high and it is -40 ℃ cold. The airplane is flying with a speed of about 930km/h. The route from Germany to Japan is 11 -12 hours. I think this experience is the farthest I have ever been from earth in my life. Out there I see a wonderfully beautiful landscape. How can I express this landscape of Germany to Japan in a picture? It is a documentation of time and space. I travelled around the world with the following stops: Frankfurt – Bangkok - Tokyo - Honolulu - Los Angeles - New York - Frankfurt. During my flight around the world, every 20 seconds I took a photograph of the earth out of my seat window. Due to the cruising speed, the camera also “moved” every shot some kilometres farther. I took approximately 7.500 frames that I pieced digitally together on the computer to form a panoramic view of the earth and the total distance of the flight journey. Non-stop flight is simulated. I condensed a 42 hour world trip into a panoramic photograph of 27 m length.