concept – Caspar David Friedrich

My aim as an artist is “to gain experience of oneself”. We gain knowledge of the complexional appearance with the help of a mirror or a camera. The soul, the spirit, and the inside cannot be experienced by this method. To see it, one needs another person. They reflect our own inside. I think I see my inner self the clearest when the person that is reflecting me is either very close, like my parents or children, or very far. For 20 years, I have lived in Germany as a foreigner. And I have chosen Caspar David Friedrich as the other person who reflects my inner self. Casper David Friedrich (1774/1840) is a known German painter. Today he is considered the most eminent visual artist of German Romanticism. Many of his landscapes consist of different drawings that he composed in his studio to pictures of his ideal landscape. Now, around 190 years after his time, I have visited these places that he had drawn before and utilized in his paintings. I took photos here during the same season with the same weather like Friedrich had been in, in the 19th century. I compounded approximately 300-500 photographs of each place together on my computer as he composed the paintings in his studio with the drawings of the landscapes. Also, the size of my works correspond with the mass of their romantic models. My photography works and Friedrich’s oil paintings seem almost the same. The differences are found in the time of origin (approximately a 190 years gap), the technology (painting and photograph), and the artist (Caspar David Friedrich and Hiroyuki Masuyama).

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