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When I look in the distance, that means I am looking at the past. Sunlight needs, for example, 8 minutes and 17-19 seconds to reach the earth. When I perceive sunlight, I am at the same time seeing the past of 8 minutes and 17-19 seconds ago. The earth’s next situated fixed star is “Proxima Centauri”, situated 4.2 light years from earth and 4 years and 3 months away in the past. The widest removed fixed star is „ GRB 080319B „, its light travels 10.360 million light years through time. When I look in the night sky, I see different pasts. I often consider what does “now” or “here” mean? Am I myself here and now? Or does my existence lie between a point 0 and infinity? Through me I would like to connect the microcosm with the macrocosm. I built a spherical shape of 260cms in diameter from around 4200 small pieces of wood. In the sphere is a round entrance by which one can get inside the ball. When the door is closed, one can see the whole night sky from the North Pole to the South Pole: The ball is riddled with 30.000 holes of which, with the help of an interstellar map, I positioned in their accurate stellar positions. Through the holes come 30.000 optical fibres with different diameters (0.2mm to 2mm) which brought light from outside to inside the ball, consequently the different stars shine in different intensities. A distinct echo completes the impression. It is an extraordinary experience.

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